Knighted Ventures is revolutionizing third party proposition services for California card clubs, and we’re looking for great people to join our team. If you have a head for numbers, love working with people, and want a career with great advancement opportunities, apply with us today!

Our Employees

We are a team that values high performance, unyielding curiosity, transparency, and team centricity. Our recruiting process, training programs, and compensation packages are known as the most robust in the industry. With people at the root of our operation, we create an environment of excellence for both our clients and those who aspire to join us.

Celeste Mariner,
Sr. Associate

The talent I see coming from each corner in this company, from being a gaming associate to a Senior Manager and even up to the CEO's really showed that we are all in this together and that we can turn to anyone for guidance.

Jasmine Rodriguez,
Shift Lead

KV has given me the opportunity to apply my skills and knowledge. One thing I really appreciate is management, they are approachable and they really make you feel as you belong.

David Lee,

Knighted has taught me development and leadership skills that I would never have had the opportunity to learn elsewhere.

Current Opportunities

Opportunities are updated regularly. Contact us if you have any questions prior to applying.

Gaming Associate

Ga•ming As•so•ci•ate: (noun) a quick-witted, neutral observer who aids casino personnel in providing an excellent experience to patrons by ensuring that games under their watch run smoothly and are played according to the rules.

synonyms: Game Geek, Table Ace, Eagle Eye, Math Whiz

            Current Locations:

Livermore, CA      Hayward, CA
Petaluma, CA      American Canyon, CA
Los Angeles, CA      Bakersfield, CA
Sacramento, CA      Ventura, CA
Lodi, CA      Rancho Cordova, CA


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